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SA Garden Lahore


SA Garden Lahore, Today we are here to discuss a Hot Property Project on Main G.T Road Lahore SA Gardens Lahore.Because this Project is Good For Investment and You Can also live here.Because all living facilities are available here.

if anyone wants to become rich and want to save your Money than this Project is Best for those ones.

Your Wait is Over and we welcome to all of you to SA Garden Lahore.SA Garden Lahore is the project which I am discussing today.

SA Garden is Hope for everyone as like Low-income investment.

And for those who have a low budget, to construct their house in society.

So don’t worry SA Garden is giving you a chance to invest here. Therefore become billionaires with your small investment.

When you visit SA Garden you will definitely love with SA Garden. Because of the facilities offering by this society and Payment Plan which is affordable for everyone.

When we want to buy a property firstly we look at the Location of society. The location of SA Garden is so hot because it is very near to Kala Shah Kaku. Therefore in the future, this place will become the hub for education.

Some education universities are working here, And some other universities are purchased their land to build the university building.

SA Garden Map:

sa garden map
sa garden map|sa gardens lahore map

SA Garden Faisal Block Commercial Plots on Installment:

SA Garden Lahore is presenting the best commercial open doors for potential purchasers and financial specialists. Different size commercial plots available to be purchased in SA Gardens Faisal Block Lahore are accessible at the aggressive cost. The purchasers will get ownership after the booking immediately.Zamin find best properties here. The commercial plots here are accessible in various sizes and costs demonstrating high future development and attractive advantages. Like different properties in this lodging plan, these plots are additionally well-outfitted with all sorts of offices and comforts. The installment plan for SA Garden Commercial plots are as per the following:

SA Garden

SA Garden is totally pressed with all the latest workplaces which should be in an ideal society. SA Garden Facilities are not additionally founded on fundamental needs yet it likewise incorporates schools, facilities, strip malls and stops near the homes of individuals. In SA Gardens for the redirection office of the all-inclusive community, there are the Sports perplexing, cinemas, and furthermore world-surely understood McDonald’s site.

An Al Huda center is in like manner arranged in the overall population for the significant youth of the occupants. There are furthermore bunch parks and halfway discovered mosques in each square for the inhabitants of SA Garden. Booking is by and by open for this endeavor all sizes of private plots are available for setting up for first start things out served premise. Here are the unobtrusive components of this endeavor indicated underneath ensured by adventure creators. There is no pile shedding of intensity as all the wiring is done underground and if there is any issue upkeep is just a bring.

SA Gardens Layout and Architecture:

SA Garden Homes have been set up to make it remarkable and astonishing. The designing arrangement of 5 Marla plot homes is an unfathomable achievement of SAREMCO Sketches. They have made a climate of wonder.

Extend Front:

SA Garden Homes have been arranged to make them exceptional and astounding. The building plan of 5 Marla plot home is a great achievement of SAREMCO Sketches. They have made a sentiment of wonder.

Radiant Structure:

SA Garden Homes have been designed to make them novel and dazzling. The building plan of 5 Marla plot homes is a staggering achievement of SAREMCO Sketches. They have made an air of brilliance.

Gas and Water Supplies:

SA Garden Homes have been arranged to make them outstanding and staggering. The building blueprint of 5 Marla plot home is an inconceivable achievement of SAREMCO Sketches. They have made a vibe of quality.

Green Environment:

SA Garden Homes have been arranged to make them exceptional and astonishing. The building framework of 5 Marla plot home is an uncommon achievement of SAREMCO Sketches. They have made an atmosphere of splendor

Brief Description

The location of the SA garden is good for everyone. Because different road are connected to this housing project.

So don’t miss a chance to invest in SA Garden.


When we discussed about facilities and necessities of society.Therefore SA Garden is providing all facilities for living.

It is Gated society and Security guard are available on main gate which Provide you Secure environment.

So decide today and buy your Plot in SA garden Housing, the Constructed Houses in SA Garden are have luxury look, Layout of Houses is so good.Therefor in SA Gardens 3 Marla ,5 Marla 10 Marla houses are available.

People are living with peace and calm, there are so many parks in the SA garden, in every block, there is one park for your child to play and walk.

You can go out for running and can walk and enjoyed the fresh air of the SA garden.

SA Garden Lahore Offers Best LifeStyle to its residents. We can say that this is New Lahore because of its facilities providing to its resident.

 In SA Garden all commercial activities like business zone, commercial area and commercial shops available.

Some famous places are available here like MacDonald’s, pend food court and pizza hut near to society.

There are two entrance for SA Garden Which is Located on Main G.T Road Lahore

SA Garden Society Feature:

SA Garden Lahore is Fully Developed Society and have all kind of facilities, like Electricity, Gas and Educations and Commercial Shops.

For Living Purpose SA Garden is the best society for Living. Basic Needs Like Electricity and also extra facilities like hospitals, schools and Shopping Centers are available in SA Gardens. It Has very neat and clean environment

SA Gardens roads are so wide and feel-good environment in the society. Due to its location you can enjoy the wide environment provided by society.

In the morning you can enjoy fresh air and Greenery Grass everywhere which will fresh your mind.

In SA Gardens Lahore there are sports complex, silver screen and very famous worldwide MacDonald’s also located here.

There are so many parks and a mosque is also available for resident of SA gardens Lahore.SA Gardens Booking is available with reasonable price on installment. There are many size of plots like (3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10) Marla plots on easy installment with five years payment plan.

Electricity wiring is underground in SA gardens Lahore and there is no issue of light, if there will be problem happen society solve the issue urgently

Architecture designs:

SA Garden Homes are very beautiful and design by architecture. When You Visit the home you feel the luxury home which reflex the architectures arts.

In very affordable budget you can live in luxury homes and feel the life so good.5 Marla homes are designs in way that provide wide and luxury environment

SA Garden Payment Plan:

Sa Garden payment plan is very flexible and on easy installment for 5 years. Everyone can afford this payment plan even a student can also buy the plot in Sa Garden Lahore on installment.

Sa Garden offer 2 Lakh/Marla Plots on installment and there are different sizes of plots (3, 5, 8, 10) Marla plots on installment.


5 Marla price is 10 lakh rupees with Cash Payment.3 Marla total price is 6 Lakh on Cash Payment. So it blessing for those people who want to live in their home not on rent so don’t waste the time and just make the final decision


Sa Garden update the price of 3 Marla plot price. Old Total Price for 3-Marla was 600000 and down payment is 1.5 Lac downpayment.The monthly for 3 Marla was 6500.

But Now Society include the development charges Now the total price of 3 Marla is 750000 and Down payment is also 1.5 lac and development charges is 1.5 lac.

Which will be payable at the end of 5 Years. Monthly installment is also same 6500.


Sa Garden Payment Plan for 5-Marla is also updated. The Old Price for 5-Marla was 10 Lac only with 2.5 Lac down payment only.

Monthly installment for 5-Marla plot was 10833 and it was 5 years installment Plan. Now the New Payment Plan for Sa Garden 5-Marla Plot is 12.5 Lac with 2.5 Lac development Charges.

You Can Pay Development charges after 5 years when you complete your installment of your plot.


Total Price for 8-Marla Plot in Sa Garden is 16; 00000.You can confirm your Plot In Sa Garden with down payment of 400000 Only.

The Remaining Payment Plan of SA Garden will be paid in 5 Years with 17333/Month.


Sa Garden payment Plan for 10-marla is also updated. The total price for 10-Marla plot in Sa Garden Lahore is 20,00000 only.

The Down payment for 10-Marla Plot in Sa Garden is 500000 only. Your Monthly installment of 21666/Month for 5 years.


SA Garden location map:

SA Gardens is located on main G.T road Lahore which is very near to kala shah kaku interchange and ring road.

It is very easy to find SA gardens Lahore on Google map if you belong from main Lahore you can reach in SA garden in just fifteen mints drive.

if you want to come from kalma chowk and have no conveyance than you can travel on metro bus service will reach at shahdra. Than from Shahdara you can travel on raksha and just ten mint you will be in SA garden Lahore .

Lahore motorway which is also very close to SA garden. And a very easy approach to reach in the society.

So every person can reach in SA garden Lahore and can visit the LDA approve housing scheme.

SA Gardens Phase-2:

SA Gardens Phase-2 Lahore is completely different from SA Gardens Phase-1.The Roads in SA Gardens Lahore Phase-2 is Wide and Carpeted.

We Can Say SA Gardens Phase-2 is a New Lahore where all kind of facilities are available like electricity, Gas and Commercial Shops for Domestic Needs.

SA Garden Phase-2 is Very Near to Kala Shah Kaku interchange, Ring Road and Lahore Motorway. We Can Say That Big Roads are connected to SA Gardens Phase-2.

SA Garden Lahore Phase-2 is totally Different Society from all Societies in Lahore, with a flexible payment Plan.

SA Gardens Phase-2 is Lowest Price Society in Lahore. If You are searching Lowest price Society in Lahore than SA Garden Phase-2 is the Lowest one which is offering Plots on installment.

SA Garden Phase-2 is offering Plots on installment with 5 years installment plan. When a person visit SA Garden phase-2.

He decided to buy a plot in SA Garden because he comfort Fresh air and greenery of SA Gardens Housing Scheme.

SA Garden Phase-2 Location Map:

SA Gardens is Located Very Near to Kala Shah Kaku interchange. Kala Shah Kaku is Famous Place where educational Universities are working there.

UET Kala Shah Kaku Campus is away From few mints Drive from SA Gardens.In the Future Kala Shah Kaku will Become an educational Hub as like thokar Niaz Baig.

So Prices near to Kala Shah Kaku will be increased and Definitely the big Advantage SA Gardens Lahore because it is totally developed society and Students will prefer to live in the society.

If we Comparison to kala Shah Kaku with thokar Niaz Baig than Kala Shah Kaku has Good investment opportunities rather than Thokar Niaz Baig, Because Prices are So High in Thokar Niaz Baig.

SA Gardens Phase-2 is Very Near to SA Gardens Housing Scheme.It Is Also Connected to SA Garden Phase-1.The Total Parco Petrol Pump is Very near to SA Gardens Phase-2.

SA Gardens Homes:

We Can Say SA Garden Houses are Very Beautiful and Luxury life style. The Architecture Designs for SA Gardens Homes are Peace of art of its residents.The SA Gardens House has Demonstrate Structure.

Therefore SA Gardens Model House has different Layout Structure,5 Marla House are Usually Single Story Building or Double Story Homes.


Similarly, 3 Marla Model Houses in SA Gardens are Single Story or Double Story building, which provides you a very comfortable lifestyle at a low price.

Facilities of SA Garden:

SA Gardens has facilities which are necessary for any standard society for living purpose. Therefore SA Gardens has attractive facilities that always attract the client. We Observe that SA Gardens has the following facilities 

  1. Mosque
  2. 24/7 Security Guards
  3. Schools
  4. Playgrounds
  5. Parks
  6. Clean Environment
  7. Filtered Water
  8. Wide Roads
  9. Silver Screen Cinema
  10. Hotels
  11. Sports Complex
  12. Commercial Shops
  13. Architecture Design Houses
  14. Very Low Rate
  15. Under Ground electricity
  16. Gas
  17. And Many More Facilities are available in SA Gardens Lahore, So Visit Us Today.
Sher Afghan Block SA Garden:

The new Sher Afghan Block in SA Garden Lahore lodging society is another splendid open entryway for adventure for cutting down class people, especially for the people who are looking at the sensible expense of plots in Lahore City. As of having Budget genial segment structure, SA Garden lodging society Lahore is a silver covering for the lower and regular worker’s people of Pakistan. Territory shrewd, SA Garden engineers have set the cabin adventure on the edges of Lahore, close Kala Shah Kaku, and crucial GT Road. The balloting of plots in Sher Afghan Block will occur inside the following three years, and the individuals will be blamed for 10% of the total determined entirety. With only three and five Marlas of little plots at such a reasonable worth, this spirit of serving penniless Pakistanis is the situation of a point of view the nation over.


SA Garden installment plan for 3-Marla is Updated Now. The upfront installment for 3-Marla is 172,500, the yearly portion plan is 5-year and the aggregate sum is 6, 90,000.


SA Garden installment plan for 4-Marla is refreshed. The upfront installment for 4-Marla is 230,000, yearly portion plan is multiyear and the aggregate sum is 9, 20,000.


SA Garden payment plan for 5-Marla is Now. The advance for 5-Marla is 287,500, yearly the installment plan is 5 year and  total amount is 1,150,000.


SA Garden payment plan for 6-Marla is also updated. The advance for 6-Marla is 345,000, the installment plan is 5 year and the total amount is 1,380,000.

8 Marla

Advance to book 8 Marla Plot in SA Garden, you have to pay 460,000. The total prices after development charges, advance, is 1,840,000.

10 Marla

10 Marla SA Garden payment plan is also Updated. The advance you have to pay is 575,000. The total Price after development charges is 2,300,000.

Sher Afghan Block Payment Plan

To the degree the total number of pieces in SA Garden Housing Society is concerned, It has signified seven squares, and Sher Afgan Block will be at number eight. Furqan, Faris, Sher Afzal, Sohail and Sher Azam pieces are the bit of Phase 1 in SA Garden Kala Shah Kaku. While the stage 2 of the cabin plan is included Kamran, Sohail and Arsalan Block. The idea of plots in SA Garden Lahore is advancing successfully, and an enormous part of its plots have quite recently been sold out.

SA Gardens is an astounding cabin society with private bequests, private and business plots. Indeed, it isn’t simply the best option for long stretch theory yet furthermore empowers you to build up your own specific house in an impelled hotel adventure. On account of SA develop Lahore straightforward portion configuration, low plot rates and ideal territory on the guide, the thoughts of its unacceptable quality happen in the cerebrum. In any case, the endeavor, believe it or not, is critically organized recalling the solace and the upside of a standard lifestyle.

SA Garden Premium Block :

SA Garden isn’t just novel yet additionally a sparkling task of Lahore. Presently the designers of the SA Garden are going to dispatch one increasingly brilliant idea as SA Garden Premium Block. It is arranged on the fundamental area that can get to legitimately and effectively by everybody. There are various offers worried about plots as Marla’s. Costs are not high when contrasted with different plans, a normal network can benefit this basic offer. Offices gave by the SA Garden Premium Block satisfy the fundamental needs as well as spread extravagance life. Just because, an elite open door thumped at your entryway. Be a piece of SA Garden Premium Block and make your life increasingly agreeable in a splendid future.

SA Gardens Premium Block Facilities

Fundamental And Prominent Facilities gave by the SA Garden Premium Block are as per the following:

Clean water

Sewerage framework

Sui Gas

Expansive streets

Closest to the principle business zone day in and day out Security

SA Garden Premium Block Payment Plan:

SA Garden Premium Block Payment plan have normal costs as well as practical for purchasers. Per Marla cost is 8-lacs. You can purchase plots (in Marla) as per your need. Stay in contact with us for more updates. )0303-4717069.

Techs21 is one of the best IT companies in Lahore.

Latest Development in Sher Afghan Block

Sher afghan block in Sa Garden is one of the best block for the Living and investment. We Love the Location and Payment Plan of Sher Afghan block in SA Gardens Lahore. The Latest News of Development in Sher Afghan block is Started now with rapidly. The Bridge is completed which connected to the Sher Afghan block and other blocks of Sa Gardens. The Road Structure in Sher afghan block is very Good because of minimum 30 feet road structure in street and 100 feet road on mainline.

Sher Afghan Block Latest Development

The above picture shows the latest Development in the Sher Afghan block, which is the biggest block in SA gardens Lahore and one of the best blocks. if you want to live in the best society on the main G.T road Lahore than Sa Garden is best for living and investment come and visit us thanks in advance.Sa garden development is very fast and very soon the first balloting of the plots will be announced very soon. The buyer of SA gardens will be very happy when sa gardens allocate the plots and give the plot number.

SA Gardens is hope for our valuable customer and will be a very good investment in the future.if you have no plot in sa garden than this is the best time to buy the plot and gain the profit.Sa garden is the best future investment and money-saving project with low budget income people and salary person peoples and can get the plot in sa gardens Lahore, so don’t waste your time and money in another project just buy your plot in sa garden and make the right decision.

SA Garden Balloting 2020:

sa Garden will be announced first balloting of sher afghan block in december 2020. The sher afghan block of sa garden is one the best block in sa garden Lahore and you can say it the new Lahore. We welcome you all of cstomer visiting the sa gardens which will be the hope of your childrens futures.come and enjoy the beautiful environment at sa garden lahore and save your money in up coming future of sa gardens.Dont worry about your past think about present and future will be bright in sa gardens.All facilities like electricity gas and shopping malls and school and colleges will be operated in sa garden lahore very soon.sa garden mangement is very happy with client response in sher afghan block.if you visit sa garden and does not buy any plot in sa garden than you miss the big invesment oppurtunity.

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