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The LDA is a development authority in Lahore city Punjab, Pakistan. In addition to the above role, the authority regulates and issues permits to permit the construction of new construction and residential projects, commercial development and private homes.

LDA City Jinnah Sector Lahore Phase 1 Updated File Prices

LDA City Jinnah Sector Lahore Phase 1 (5-Marla) 21 LacMalik Arif +92-321-8482208
LDA City Jinnah Sector Lahore Phase 1 (10-Marla) 39 LacMalik Arif +92-321-8482208
LDA City Jinnah Sector Lahore Phase 1 (1-Kanal) 70 LacMalik Arif +92-321-8482208

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LDA city balloting:

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The authority was created by the Punjab Legislative Assembly under the 1975 LDA Act. It is organized around three branches: urban development, the agency for water and sanitation and the traffic planning agency. The LDA has a board of directors chaired by Zila Nazim of Lahore District.

LDA City

Composition of the Board of Governors

The board of directors is composed of these people:

Nazims city of all the cities of Lahore

Director-General of the Authority

District coordinator Lahore

A representative of the Planning and Development Council

A representative of the Finance Department who is not inferior to the rank of Assistant Secretary

A representative of urban development engineering for housing and public health

All agency heads created by the authority

Local Government and Rural Development Department Representatives.


The authority has many directorates that assume different functions. The most common are:

Administration: This manages employee issues. Management manages appointments, the allocation of official residences to employees, general administration, office space and a host of other employee-related activities.

Finance: This manages the financial activities of employees. The Finance Department ensures that all employees open the correct bank accounts. This also ensures that all employees are paid on time. If you are an employee and need a loan, this is the department you should visit.

Law: the legal service defends the authority in case of misunderstanding. It also informs the authority of the measures to be taken in case of the prosecution.

Turnover: It fulfills many roles, such as the publication of notices of application and memos. He is also responsible for checking deposits and collecting statements.

Lda city Location map:

The city of LDA covers an area of ​​58 000 Kanal. It is located between Ferozpur Road, Kana Kacha Road, Defense Road and Lahore-Karachi Railway Line with its entrance along with the Butcher Khana distributor, just 1.5 km from the metro bus terminal. The construction of a 2.1 km long and 180-foot wide access road between Gajju Matta and LDA City has already been completed at the cost of $ 1.13 billion. This project was also set up via Kacha Flyover, the first flyover made in Punjab on the basis of a public-private partnership, on the railway crossing of Kacha and Defense Road.

Urban planning has been completed, alongside housing units of different categories, towers, large public parks, theme parks, golf courses, diplomatic enclaves, business districts (CBD), teaching and health cities (universities and hospitals) and shopping malls have been planned, aimed at providing residents with an affordable cost. The project will be developed in 2 different phases comprising 9 sectors. LDA will start the development work in the scheme.

LDA City files Rates:

LDA CITY 01 Kanal Exemption Letter Filing Rate 42.50 Lakes

LDA CITY 10 Marla Exemption Letter File Rate 27.25 Lakes

LDA CITY 05 Letter of Exemption Marla File Rates 18.25 Lakes


We are dealing with a 1% commission

1% Applicable on 2500000

If the value of the transaction is less than 25 lakes

25,000 commission minimum will be charged.

LDA city balloting news:


The project authority is about to assign 9,000 file owners to vote for LDA City Lahore in the latest media reports. The event is scheduled for December 21st.

About 11,000 canals were allocated out of the 13,000 Kanal along with the Butcher Khanna distributor near Ferozepur Road.

LDA City Latest Development:

Development is currently underway in an area of ​​6,200 Kanal. Three contractors are currently working in two teams to speed up the process to meet the timetable set by the Supreme Court. The parcels would be given to the owners of the respective files of the city after the development of the land.

In all LDA city projects, the LDA also allocated 3 billion PKR to development work.

The development work of LDA City Lahore Phase 1 has been split into seven packages, and most of the work has been done in packages 2, 3 and 5. LDA City Lahore package 2 is to be developed at approximately 99 Crore and 31 lakhs.


There is a reason to celebrate the happiness of people who have been eagerly awaiting the allocation of plot numbers. The Lahore Development Authority would have reduced its development costs by almost 50%.

For example, the cost of building a residential parcel file for a canal in the city of LDA, at LDA, was 2.5 million PKR at the start. Due to recent changes, parcel file holders who have purchased a Kanal parcel file from private developers will have to pay 1.25 million PKR. If you have purchased a field file from personal builders for 1 Kanal residential land, you will only have to pay 1.25 million PKR for development.

Same thing with 5 Marla and 10 Marla file owners. The construction cost per city of local government would be PK 1.675 million for a plot of 10 Marla. The cost, however, would be 837,500 crowns for those who purchased the Marla plot file 10 from private developers.


According to a newspaper report, construction work in the city of LDA will be divided into 7 lots, according to LDA chief engineer Mazhar Hussain Khan. Initially, the development work of package 5 of the housing project was completed. Experienced subcontractors for packages 2 and 3 have also been employed, and development work in these areas has started.


Project details were also shared by LDA Director-General Muhammad Usman Moazzam. He told us that the design included a central park, which would be built on 330 Kanals. The main zone is only fixed for a current mosque center in the housing project. The mosque will be built on some 16 Kanal. For the visually impaired in the city of LDA, a world-class cricket stadium will be built. It is also planned to build a cemetery and a sports complex. To this end, the authorities have designated a place.

LDA has indicated the status of the city file, which you can use to check your documents on their official website, to ensure transparency and protect the property rights of all parcel file owners. You will enter the file number here.

LDA city project plan:


If you want to do investment in LDA City Lahore, look at the prices of currently available parcel files. The parcel file PKR 14.5 lakh 5 Marla is ready to be sold on PKR 18 lakh. This is an opportunity for those who want to buy 10 files of plots of Marla; they can get it in a range from 22 lakh to 30 lakh. You must have a budget of 36 to 38 crowns for the purchase of a parcel file of a single Kanal at LDA City Lahore.

LDA City Lahore acquired 12,311 Kanals

ADL Director-General Muhammad Usman Maozaaam underlined Saturday’s meeting. That the authority has acquired 12,311 Kanals of land out of the 13,000 Kanals offered by the private developer of LDA City Lahore

He said the computerized vote, for the allocation of the plot number against the exempt files of LDA City. It would be a system developed by the Punjab Information Technology Council. You can also the official website of LDA city.

LDA City Latest News 2019

Lahore Phase 1 Development Status of LDA City

According to LDA chief engineer Mazhar Hussain Khan, the construction works were divided into 7 lots. Currently, development work is underway in packages 2,3 and 5. However, the development works done in package 5 in December and package 2, 3 in February 2020. Therefore, other work of 4 packages will begin after the result of the vote.if you want to invest on installment plan than Zaamin city is lda approved society.Techs21

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