how internet is changing pakistan?

How internet is changing Pakistan

How Internet is Changing Pakistan?

There is no doubt that internet has changed the world and is modeling the future of the 21st Century. Simultaneously, the internet has also affected Pakistan and is changing the way Pakistani society, youth, economics, and politics work.

The subcontinent has inherited a complicated oral tradition. Our ability to influence and express through speech is profound and impressive. This is our primary source of effective communication and development of our society. This dynamic Pakistani society has norms of welcoming guests, extravagant weddings, delicious food cuisines and a serious emotional relationship with government and politics. In which everybody’s own yet so similar political views and leaders are defended and opposed.

This is a transformative stage in which this rich sub-continent culture is influenced by Facebook, Whats App, social media, online shopping, and food delivery etc. This change has redefined the winners and the losers of economics, politics, and social cultural norms.

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Websites and mobile apps of online stores and food delivery has affected the models of local stores. Similarly social media has allowed freedom of opinion and transparency in news. Even the internet has influenced the game of cricket and the behavior of cricketers.

The youth and education paradigm has also been affected, which has the changed the traditional learning patterns to technology integrated learning in schools. The internet has nurtured itself into a massive source of information available for students, teachers, and custom users.


Internet has brought an opportunity for the youth of Pakistan to learn anything from websites and YouTube. Want to learn a new language, Chinese or Arabic? Need to listen to motivational lectures, or learn graphic/IT skills, Internet provides a great platform to learn.

Even Transport has evolved with Internet with mobile apps such as Uber and Careem. Not only these companies are successfully growing but also have provided employment to several car owners.

With support of facts, evidences and proofs, it is easy to win the debate that Internet is changing Pakistan. The question is how we can predict the future and benefit from this change. How can Pakistan’s’ Society, Educational leaders, Government, Media, Business man & Entrepreneurs benefit from this transformative change?

It is no secret, Internet has created billionaires such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Ali Baba, founder Mao Chan. The Pakistani youth now has the tools of creating and designing mobile apps, creating websites, and the power of social media. All it takes is a great idea, which has the capacity to transform the way people live.

If we want to understand the future of internet, we have to understand Internet in China. In china, people repeatedly pay for food, car service, share money, chat, etc. their lifestyle is changing rapidly and so is the economics paradigm. Also the important question of CPEC and Internet.

The most powerful and important aspect of the internet is that is has changed and is expected to further change our ‘Behavior’. How the word ‘selfie’ brings a temporary camera smile? Or just the awareness that one’s behavior is being recorded on camera, or a WhatsApp call or a Facebook notification.

Behavioral sciences are questioning the foundations and assumptions of the understanding of lifestyles. In simple words, the newly found ability to understand the brain via FMRI scans and neurochemical reactions has opened a new avenue of how important is behavioral engineering for individuals, societies, and policy makers.

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